Who We Are

Linden Construction is a full service commercial construction company based in Charleston, South Carolina. Drawing on more than thirty years of experience, the company successfully delivers construction services for a vast array of commercial projects, while maintaining competitive pricing, timely delivery, and unmatched quality. Linden Construction strives to build and sustain long lasting relationships with their clients based upon integrity and an unparalleled ability to provide an exemplary product from start to finish.

Linden Construction holds an unlimited general contractor’s license in both North & South Carolina, and serves a multitude of clients in class “A” office, retail, medical, and industrial markets. The company excels in the construction of new buildings, tenant improvements and renovations, and specialized exterior/interior upfits. Linden Construction successfully delivers superior finished projects by ensuring quality, value, and functionality are held at the forefront throughout the entire construction process.

Linden Construction’s core values center on their belief in creating teamwork environments which lead to lasting partnerships with their clients. From Project Superintendents, to Project Managers, to Executive staff, each member of Linden Construction works together by drawing on a myriad of skills and levels of expertise to ensure that their client’s best interests are a top priority. This mentality serves to provide successful project completion with the greatest of ease.